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What Fleet Repair Entails

Fleet repair is a sub-genre of automotive repair that focuses on keeping large numbers of similar vehicles running flawlessly. Rental car fleets in particular require a fair amount of preventative maintenance to prevent mechanical failures in the field. The medium duty trucks that many moving companies use to transport cargo need comprehensive repair on a fairly regular basis. Access to reliable fleet repair can save any business a boatload of money on long-term automotive maintenance costs.

For the most part, fleet repair procedures don't involve serious engine or transmission overhauls. Replacing brake parts like rotors and pads that wear out in the course of normal operation is a big part of fleet service. In addition, inspecting and servicing suspension hardware like shocks, struts and leaf springs is another primary component of fleet upkeep. Last but not least, engine maintenance in the form of spark plug and filter replacement is of paramount importance.

Fleet Repair Services We Provide

Fenski's ASE-certified technicians routinely tackle preventative maintenance procedures for medium duty trucks and popular cargo van models. Here’s a quick look at the services we provide to trucking and rental car fleets both large and small:

  • Engine oil changes
  • Transmission fluid changes
  • A/C repair
  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • Exhaust system repair
  • CV joint replacement
  • Starter and alternator replacement
  • Wheel alignment
  • Radiator repair
  • Fuel injection cleaning
  • Timing belt replacement
  • U-joint replacement